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Debian & Ubuntu

RapidSVN is already part of the Debian distribution. So installation is as easy as selecting and installing any other package. Use your favourite package manager (e.g. "dselect", "aptitude", "apt-get" or "Synaptic package manager") to install RapidSVN.

To check the latest available version of RapidSVN see:

You'll also need a program for the diff function: the recommended on Linux is Meld. To install meld, enter sudo apt-get install meld into the terminal

Fedora Core

RapidSVN is part of the Fedora Extra package repository since Fedora Core 5:


The guys from Novell/SuSE dont include RapidSVN with their distributions. One of the unofficial sources is:

Other RPM based distributions

If your favourite Linux distribution doesnt include RapidSVN, you may look at


Gentoo has RapidSVN included as well:


Unfortunately there are no pre-compiled packages of RapidSVN for Solaris. Compiling it from one of the source-tarballs isn't that hard. There are people out there who do this pretty regular, so eventual problem with compililation errors will be taken care of.